Fluffy souffle pancake With 2 Eggs Only

Fluffy souffle pancake With 2 Eggs Only

Fluffy Souffle Pancake recipe for Family! Hello Family chef, Today you will learn how to make a Delicious Fluffy Souffle Pancake. Surprise your lovers with this awesome Pancake recipe. Well, this is the perfect Souffle Pancake recipe for you!.

You can easily make a pancake like a shop at home Fluffy pancakes with a light texture and whipped cream are combined, and happiness spreads by eating a bite. How about a breakfast or snack for the holidays?

How to make Fluffy Souffle Pancake

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2 eggs

5 tablespoons pancake mix

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp milk

1 tsp salad oil

100g Whipped cream

Mint: appropriate amount

Powdered sugar: appropriate amount


Eggs are divided into white and yolk.

Add egg whites to a bowl and whisk until a soft horn stands.

Add sugar and whisk until the pin and horn stand. (Keep eggs in the refrigerator well.)

Add egg yolk and milk to another bowl and mix.

Sift the pancake mix and mix well to prevent lumps.

Add 1 meringue in 3 portions, mix each time with a whisk (dough). (Don’t mix it thoroughly, just let it marble.)

Put the salad oil in a frying pan and spread it thinly with kitchen paper.

Heat once on medium heat and cool on a wet cloth.

Heat on low heat again, and divide the dough into 4 equal parts and place with a spoon.

Cover and bake for 4 minutes, then flip over and cover again and bake for 4 minutes

Place the souffle pancake in a bowl and squeeze the whipped cream.

Serve with mint and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Done!, You Will get a Delicious Fluffy Souffle Pancake Like This

Fluffy souffle pancake

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