Healthy Carrot Cake with 2 eggs only

Carrot Cake recipe for Family!
Hello Family chef, Today you will learn how to make a Delicious Carrot Cake with 2 eggs only.
Surprise your lovers with this awesome Carrot Cake recipe.

Healthy with grated carrots, Just mix with pancake mix and bake. It is recommended for snacks for children who are not good at vegetables.

How to Make This Easy Carrot Cake

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Hot cake mix 150g

Carrot (net) 100g

honey 60g

Salad oil 2 tbsp

Salt one pinch

2 Eggs (large size)


Place the oven sheet in the pound mold. The mold is a 21 cm pound mold.

Peel the carrots and rub them down.

Put eggs in a bowl and add honey and salad oil.

Stir well until the egg is whitish.

Add grated carrot and salt from 4 to 5 and stir well.

Add the pancake mix to 5.

Stir until no powdering.

Pour the dough of (7) into the pound mold of (1), drop it on the stand and remove the air bubbles, and bake for 35 minutes in the oven preheated to 180 degrees.

After 35 minutes, try sticking a bamboo skewer in the center and if the dough does not come, it’s baked.

Take it out of the mold, peel off the oven sheet, and once the rough heat is removed, cut it to the desired thickness and you’re done.


I added a lot of carrots to make a cake for the youngest child who doesn’t like vegetables.

Stir the egg until whitish and bubbly. All you have to do is mix and bake

Done!, You Will get a Delicious Carrot Cake Like This

Carrot Cake

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